Top 10 Traits Every Entrepreneur Should have!

There are 10 traits of a boss that every entrepreneur should have...

1. Confidence: A feeling or belief that you will succeed, the feeling that it will happen or come true.

2. Goal-oriented: Being able to focus on a specific objective and tasks and follow it through till the end.

3. Resilience: Knowing how to cope in spite of setbacks, barriers, or limited resources. 

4. Strength:  How much force or pressure can you withstand over time?

5. Proper values: What does your business stands for? You must STICK to your values because it determines if you're on the right path to fulfilling your business goals.

6. Authenticity: Be yourself!

7. Self worth/investment: You must have confidence in your abilities and invest time and money into yourself first before anyone will.

8. Kindness: Be friendly, generous and considerate WHEN NEEDED

9. Say how you feel: A closed mouth never gets fed. Speak up and own it #bossmode

... and last but most importantly

10. Honesty: Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to business! When you start becoming dishonest is might cost you in the long run

Now you know the top 10 traits needed to be a killer boss! Now, what are you waiting for if you have what it takes what is your next step in moving ahead? (Comment below)

If you need more practice on these traits you go sis we are behind you 💯!

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