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Updated: Nov 24, 2019

GoGetter Motivation, based out of Orlando, Florida, was established in 2016 to inspire, motivate, educate and empower women to make positive lifestyle changes and create passion based businesses from their passions. By teaching them how to boost their self confidence, set attainable goals, identify and develop their gifts, eradicate limiting beliefs they are able to step out of their comfort zones to achieve their goals.

Lotoya Jean, Founder and Executive Officer of GoGetter Motivation, has a strong passion for business and created three business ventures from her passion alone. She believes in helping others and considers social responsibility as an important role in the community as a business owner. She is the founder of two charitable organizations; a non-profit (Dollars & Sense for Youths) and a missionary organization (The Giving Hands foundation).

"I strongly believe that in order to grow any business you need to establish a business mindset" - Latoya Jean

She educates her clients through training online and offline, workshops and conferences. She offers an e-course for startups on her website and online school, Gogetter-preneurship Academy. She also offers other courses such as, Success Mindset Mastery, and group coaching courses for new coaches and consultants who have no strategy, structure or confidence to demand their worth and stand out in a saturated market.

It hasn't always been easy for Latoya to achieve her goals!

"One of my biggest challenges I have had running my business was, not having enough clarity and processes. Without clarity on your target market, products or services you will be in a continuous rut. Digging more into frustration, limited cash flow and not making the income you desire. So after understanding that I cannot serve everyone and narrowed down on working with my ideal clients, I was able to clarify my offerings and market to the people who truly needed my help and I could genuinely help them and help my business grow also." -- Latoya Jean

Despite many challenges that Latoya has faced she continues to push forward and stay true to her mission! Here is what GoGetter Motivation has planned for 2020!

"For 2020 our main goal is to host our Success Conference across America in 6 states with the intention to help other women see that it is perfectly fine to be imperfect while seeking to bring about lifestyle changes which will help them overcome the self-doubts, limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns that has continually held them back from pursuing their dreams. We want to help our audience and clients build self confidence to accomplish  their dreams. 

We want to help 500 women identify and develop their God given gifts and create profit earning ventures from their passions. We plan on helping those working women create legacy’s that will outlive them and also give them joy and fulfillment."

"It is very important that we do what we are most passionate about, however passion doesn’t work unless you are confident in what you are doing.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Latoya Jean, Founder and Executive Officer of Gogetter Motivation

" I would advice my younger self to believe in my desires and boldly step out and accomplish my goals. Never ever look at what people will say about you because they do not have the power to determine your destiny, my destiny is determine on me and the actions that I take."


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