Business Card Design Questionnaire
Do you have a logo that you wish to use on your card?
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Does your Company Logo need upgrading or refurbishing
Who is your target audience?
How old is your audience? Check all that apply.
If your site sells a product or service, do you want a photograph of the product or service included on the business card?
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What is the desired quantity of cards?
May we include text on the back of the business card stating, “Designed by Anchor Your Business" If yes, a discount will apply.
Would your cards need to be printed by Anchor Your Business?

I approve the above plan which I have developed with Anchor Your Business to design, and print (if requested), our business cards. I authorize Anchor Your Business to use this Business Card Design Questionnaire as the basis of this project and to provide a quote based on this projects guidelines. I understand that this is not the final contract, this is just to provide Anchor Your Business with the necessary information needed to carry out my vision for my company and produce a quote tailored to my needs.   

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